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Corporate News Releases Cable Assemblies Provide a 40% To 75% Improvement in Flexibility over Industry Standard Cable Assemblies

We have extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of ultra-flexible wire and cable. By combining the correct cable construction with the proper choice of conductor, shielding and material compounds. Our custom manufacturing equipment employs state-of-the-art neutralization and tension control. noodl® cable was developed specifically to address cable management challenges in the data center. By combining a wealth of knowledge and experience we were able to create wire and cable that fits both critical application requirements and long life cycles. Our engineering teams were able to apply knowledge gained from other industries we serve that commonly require ultra-flexible cables; such as medical, robotics, avionics etc..

The durability and flexibility of our latest innovation noodl® high-speed certainly pays for itself by reducing field failures, down time of data centers and replacement costs caused by damaged cable assemblies. noodl® is a cost-effective investment for your data center.

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