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Corporate News Releases Custom Designed & Ultra Flexible USB-C Cable Assemblies from Lorom
Custom Designed & Ultra Flexible USB-C Cable Assemblies from Lorom Lorom’s USB-C to USB-C cable assembly product family is a cost effective interconnect solution for USB-C (also known as USB Type-C) applications. The product series meet and exceed the standard performance and reliability requirements of the USB Type-C specifications. Ultra Flexible USB-C Cable Assemblies
  • Customized cable solutions to meet your special requirements
  • Broadband performance capabilities for data rate up to 10 Gbps
  • Available in passive and active designs to provide system flexibility with high performance
  • Various wire gauges and lengths providing diverse solutions
  • Choice of twin-ax, micro coaxial & shielded twisted pair structures
  • 360 degree crimp ring to provide excellent EMC/EMI Performance
  • Use of E-MAXX® high speed copper cable for optimum SI performance
  • Small bend radius for easier management
  • Proprietary high-speed PCB termination technology minimizes the impedance discontinuity and cross talk
  • Wire organizer for controlled drain wire management and optimum SI performance
  • Over molded cable termination increases mechanical robustness


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