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LOROM West offers complete medical component design, prototyping, manufacturing and value engineering to ensure that your products are cost-optimized at each point in their life-cycle. We have a long track records of success with leading, Fortune 500 and global medical product companies.

In the medical industry, quality and precision are key. When you work with Lorom West, this dedication to quality starts with the design phase and proceeds through the entire manufacturing process.

LOROM West is uniquely positioned to manufacture your next medical product. Lorom West has over 500 global design, tooling, process, and quality engineers on staff, ISO 5 Class 100 clean room assembly, ISO13485 certification, extensive document control featuring design history files, design master files and change control records and thorough medical device test plans and analysis.

Medical Product Lines

  • OEM, ODM and Turnkey: From custom design medical catheter probes to complete instrument panels and PCBs, Lorom West provides Fortune 500 medical device manufacturers with the turnkey products they need to achieve market success.
  • Custom Connectors: Lorom West has produced specialized medical connectors for applications including MRI and CAT scan machines, ultrasound equipment, and cardiac monitoring.
  • Cables and Cable Assemblies: Lorom West produces an array of cables and cable assemblies for medical products. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, we provide in-house cable extrusion, wire drawing, shield braiding, injection molding and tooling.

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