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E-MAXX High-performance Cable Assemblies

E-MAXX® cable assemblies from Lorom West products are constructed to provide the highest levels of performance and signal integrity required for High-end application. Our solutions include:

  • E-MAXX® Solutions for Datacenters:
    Industry leading QSFP+ and SFP+ ­ cable assemblies/ systems providing the best system budget in signal integrity performance.
  • E-MAXX® Solutions for High Performance Computing (HPC)
    High performance leading edge QSFP+ and CXP Infiniband cable assembly technologies for SDR-QDR-FDR Speeds
  • E-MAXX® Solutions for Storage Networks
    Comprehensive full line of storage ­ network cable assemblies, external as well as internal SATA, SAS, and PCIe a, fibre Channel SFP+ /QSFP+

All E-MAXX products deliver:

  • Increased ICR (insertion loss to crosstalk ratio), ensuring increased system budget overhead
  • Robust mechanical design in excess of 1000 flex cycles per SFF8417 vs. conventional technology with 200 flex cycles
  • Smallest back shell in the market with 30% space savings
  • Improved cable management, delivering better airflow in dense cable racks
  • Excellent EMC Performance ensured by 360° inner–outer crimp ferules
  • Pull Force in excess of 240N
  • LSOH and PVC versions with Tri-rated safety certification UL.CSA and IEC
  • All assemblies inlcude 100% testing of all vital SI parameters according to applicable standards
  • Independently verified performance by Infiniband (IBTA integrators list)

View the datasheet for Lorom West's full line of E-MAXX Active QSFP+ data center cables - .pdf (3 MB)

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