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PCB Assemblies and Other

Lorom West offers PCB services including surface mount, wire bonding and through hole using the advanced Lorom PCB assembly line located in the Shenzhen China facility. As an integral part of its value-added service, Lorom's team of engineering professionals reviews each project during its concept and design stages, in an effort to reduce assembly costs and/or improve product quality and reliability.

PCB Features & Benefits:

  • Extensive manufacturing including three SMT + reflow lines, two DIP + wave soldering lines and one wire bonding line, ensuring quick turnaround
  • Most PCB assembly products are manufactured in Dust Controlled Rooms with ESD protection for quality assurance
  • Introduction of a lead-free process, delivering a more ecologically responsible product
  • Employees conform to IPC-610 standards, providing the quality control essential for customer success
  • ICT test and function capabilities, ensuring complete service to our customers

PCB Applications:

  • Computer and networking applications - USB hubs, network adapters
  • Communications - 3D transformers, digital video
  • Consumer - card readers, 3D glasses
  • Industrial - control boards
  • Medical - imaging
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