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    Automotive Solutions

    Automotive SolutionsWith the advent of computerized systems, vehicle electronics and controls have reached new levels of complexity. The combination of tight spacing, vibrations, extreme temperature variation and exposure to corrosive fluids can make automotive wiring, cabling and electronic components difficult and costly to design.

    Cable Connection provides leading auto suppliers with cost-effective, high-tech automotive solutions including:

    • Automotive Electronics: Custom-designed and manufactured electronic subsystems including products for climate control, displays, metering, multimedia controls, A/V equipment, tire pressure monitoring systems, keyless anti-theft, Night vision and lane departure warning systems
    • Automotive Wire Harness and Cable Assembly: Custom-designed wire harnesses for instrument panels, engine wiring, ABS systems and more. Cable assemblies for signal, communication and entertainment and sensors
    • Accessories and Components: Rubber parts, rubber tubes, plastic parts, bulk cable and wire and metal stamping parts and accessories


    Contact us today to learn more about our leading solutions for automotive electronics and cabling.

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