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    Bulk Cable

    Bulk CableCable Connection offers a wide range of bulk cables for a variety of applications. We produce bulk cables using the highest quality materials using state of the art manufacturing lines.

    Bulk Cable Features & Benefits:

    • In-house copper drawing, copper bunching and stranding, providing better flexibility, long flex life and improved reliability
    • In-house pelletizing of insulation materials such as PVC rubber, ensuring precise manufacturing to our customers' specifications
    • Over 80 extrusion lines including dual jacket extrusion, PTFE extrusion, physical foam extrusion, crosslink extrusion, and FFC lamination ensures low turnaround time

    Bulk Cable Applications:

    • Hook-up wires
    • LAN cables
    • Coaxial cables
    • Audio/video cables
    • Medical cables
    • High speed I/O cables
    • Multi-conductor cables
    • Flat ribbon cables
    • FFC cables
    • Automotive cables
    • Power cables
    • Custom-designed cables
    • Telecommunication cables

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