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    Fiber Optics

    Fiber OpticsCable Connection provides high performance singlemode (9/125um) & multi mode (62.5/125um or 50/125um) fiber optic cable assemblies, available with various connector styles. Multi-mode connectors have the PC (physical contact) style polished fiber while the single-mode connectors are available with the APC (angled physical contact) or UPC (ultra physical contact) style polished fiber.

    Fiber Optic Cable Features & Benefits:

    • Fiber optic cables eliminate issues related to EMI and RFI emissions and noise susceptibility
    • Eliminates restrictions that limit copper cable performance including capacitance and crosstalk
    • Data transfer rates of 10 Gbps and higher are attainable with current technology
    • A large selection of fiber connectors and fiber cable styles are available to meet even the most challenging of applications
    • Enable implementation of new standards such as Infiniband using multi-fiber connectors (MPO)
    • Multi-mode fiber assemblies are ideal for base band short distance connectivity, while single-mode fiber assemblies provide long distance broadband capabilities

    Fiber Optic Cable Applications:

    • Networks and digital base band communications including 10Gbase-T (10 Gbps)
    • Communications broad band carriers
    • Infiniband, medical and industrial equipment

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