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    Wire Harnesses

    Wire HarnessesCable Connection provides leading wire harness sub-assembly manufacturing including automated tooling for prep and crimp operations. All operations follow IPC standards and our facilities are UL audited and compliant, ensuring first-time-right manufacturing and end-product quality.

    Wire Harness Features & Benefits:

    • Reduced customer lead time through extensive stock on hand of commonly used parts including:
      • Common wire gauges
      • UL style hook-up wire
      • Commonly used connectors and contacts
    • Ability to design, build, and integrate PC boards into custom wire harnesses, creating a one-stop solution
    • Local and off-shore manufacturing, optimizing your project for time and delivery needs
    • AutoCAD layout of wire harness boards with integrated testing, ensuing high yields

    Wire Harness Applications:

    • Computer
    • Semiconductor equipment
    • Medical equipment
    • Control
    • Power distribution
    • Data

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