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E-MAXX High Performance Cable Assemblies

Lorom introduces E-MAXX® Cable Assemblies:

  • High-performance solutions for data centers, HPC and storage
  • QSFP+ 100GBPS IEEE802.3BJ
  • 100GBPS Infiniband EDR technology

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Data Center Cable Solutions

Lorom High Speed Data Center Cable Solutions solve heat and power issues within a data center by providing :

  • Extremely low Insertion Loss Deviation (ILD) and best-in-class Integrated Cross-talk Noise (ICN)
  • Patented paddle-card design, optimized for signal integrity and mechanical performance
  • Controlled wire management and termination processes
  • Low profile designs with very low metal content

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Custom Cable Assemblies Lorom Custom Cable Assemblies are designed for key applications including:
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Computer

PCB Manufacturing Lorom offers PCB manufacturing services including:
  • Surface mount
  • Through Hole
  • Wire Bonding

Lorom's manufacturing capabilities are designed to save you time, money and resources
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Latest Innovation in Ultra-Flexible Cables for Data Centers

  • 40% to 75% increase in flexibility over industry standard cables
  • Developed to improve cable management in data centers
  • Reduces downtime in data centers, field failures, and replacement cost
  • Reflects Lorom’s extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of ultra-flexible wire and cable [Read More...]


From prototype to high volume, let us be your source for premium PCB assemblies, turnkey OEM/ODM products and custom cable and wire harnesses. We specialize in providing:

  • A pinpoint focus on quality control and process management to guarantee reliability
  • In-house, experienced engineers to optimize your design for flawless production
  • Global and local sourcing enabling the most flexible path from timely prototypes to cost-optimized volume production
  • Scalable capacity, ensuring a value-optimized solution and product availability when you need it

Lorom West, Cable & Wire Harness Assembly, Fremont, CA

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Trimble on Engineering

Our navigation systems are generally incorporated into other complex end-products, requiring advanced engineering and rock-solid quality. Lorom West engineers have been our partners in many designs and have always provided the expertise we need.
- Ralph Bucher, Sr. Commodity Manager.

EFI on Quality

Lorom West has been a valued partner of ours for 15 years because of their global commitment to quality. Their offshore facility is able to provide us the volume and pricing that we desire along with the quality that we absolutely must have.
- Mark Carson, Director of Materials & Supply Chain.

Dionex on Reliability

Our brand stands for performance and we can’t afford to ship a less than perfect product. In the 20 years we have been dealing with Lorom West, we have never had to reject a part. They will continue to be our go-to supplier for high-end cable solutions.
- Joe McHugh, Procurement Manager.